“Creating a treasury of beautiful books
for children to cherish for a lifetime.”

About Forever & Ever Books

Marie Brown, president and CEO of Forever & Ever Books, founded the company
to create a lifelong love of reading in young children. By offering them printed
books of the highest quality in story and illustration, and presenting these books
in keepsake libraries, Forever & Ever Books hopes to provide a legacy of reading
for children to enjoy—and perhaps even pass on to their own children some day.
Great books last forever!

Marie has spent her entire professional career in the field of education—first as a
primary grade teacher and then as founder and president of Brown Publishing
Network, an educational development company which wrote, designed, illustrated,
and produced thousands of instructional materials for major educational publishers
such as Scholastic, McGraw-Hill, Sesame Street, and many others. These products
included well over 5,000 children’s books.

Keepsake Libraries

To identify and include the best of children’s literature for our Keepsake Libraries,
Forever & Ever Books has appointed an advisory board of professional children’s
literature experts. The keepsake libraries will be grouped by age or theme.

Boston Red Sox Books

Though creating Keepsake Libraries of the world’s most beautiful children’s books
is our primary focus, Marie’s passion for and love of the Boston Red Sox has resulted
in the only two books Forever & Ever Books has published. And so it will remain
unless Marie gets inspired again—which can happen at any time!