“Creating a treasury of beautiful books
for children to cherish for a lifetime.”

“A book is forever and ever, my child.”

We believe that a beautifully written and beautifully illustrated, high quality,
hardbound printed book is a precious gift to give to a child.

A book that is held in the hand, close to the heart, shared together with a
loved one builds treasured memories to last a lifetime.

The joy of snuggling up with a child in your lap and reading a book together
is priceless. It is the best way to develop in children a lifelong love of books
and at the same time create loving memories of special bonding moments.

Forever & Ever Books’ mission is to bring children and great books together.

We also believe in giving back.

A portion of the proceeds from our Keepsake Libraries will go to support
literacy initiatives for impoverished and underprivileged children in the
United States and around the world.

And close to our hearts, a portion of the proceeds from our Red Sox
books will be donated to The Jimmy Fund.